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Monday, October 29, 2012

When it rains it pours

We have just recently entered the "winter" weather of Vancouver, aka RAIN, and TONS of it.

I love rain, when I am nestled into a cozy blanket, in my home, with tea by the fire and I think most people would enjoy it as well. But what about your wedding day? What about that one day where you look and feel like a princess, THE day, no one wants rain on that day (well some might!).

As a planner I have to plan for this as well. We need back up, tents, locations for pictures inside and outside, pretty umbrellas and the whole shebang. I also tell my brides this though... when the sun is out and shining bright for your wedding pictures, you will have amazing pictures, but when its over cast and maybe even raining your photos will look just as great, if not better!(the contrast actually intensifies the colour!)

100 Layer Cake
 There is not much to comfort a bride when her dream garden/outdoor wedding is cut short by a torrential rain fall, but I can promise a bride this. Your day will end the way you wanted it to, always, with your dream husband, surrounded by love, family and friends. When you are walking down the aisle you will not be thinking about the weather you will only be thinking about him.

Rustic Wedding Chick
The Appy Couple
I think above all one has to stay positive and be prepared. Some cute gumboots, a fancy umbrella and a gorgeous smile will always do wonders. And as cliche as it sounds, it is stated in some cultures that rain on your wedding day is good luck. So always look in the bright side.

Wedding Photo Gallery
Luster Studio
Wedding Queen
My advice as always it have a happy time planning your wedding and to make sure it is about YOU, make sure this day, is about you and your husband, the things you love. But on this rainy dreary Vancouver day I also say, plan ahead and be prepared. Rain will not ruin your wedding day, have fun and enjoy it.

Happy Planning!

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