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Monday, June 25, 2012

The importance of photography

Let's get down to the nitty gritty here people, lets put aside the flowers, the lace, the veils and DIY projects and focus really hard on the one day, your wedding day. The day that goes by so quickly that it honestly feels like you planned for years only to enjoy 10 minutes as it disappears in the blink of an eye. Let's talk about photography.

Photography can be expensive, there is no getting around that. But lets all remember you get what you pay for as well. One of the first things I encourage my brides to book is a photographer. Everyone has a budget for their wedding day, whether it be a back yard $5,000.00 wedding or a high end hotel wedding at $50,000.00, you have to set a chunk of money aside from whatever budget you have to invest in a good photographer.

Latley I have been finding that with the economy the way it is and weddings getting smaller one of the first things on the chopping block is videography and photography. The mentality that it is just a small wedding, or we dont really need pictures or "someone" out of all the guests there will surely have a good picture or two, is just mind blowing to me.

Let's face facts here fellow readers. YEARS from now, no one will remember what appetizers were served, what the cocktail drink was or the labels on your candy buffet, heck YOU may not even remember all those things. There is one thing that will exist years from now, one item that will hang on parents, grand parents and great granparents living room walls...end up in scrap books and at kindergarten show and tells, and that is your wedding pictures.
James Maher Photography
Invest. Please.

Investing in the perfect venue is great and it will make your vision for that day come to life but it is the photographers work that will imortalize that image for life. A venue is such a temporary investment and a photographer is a lifetime.
Pedro Damian

Find a photographer that shares your vision as well. Someone who has similar tastes and ideas. They will be your friend and they will be your eyes on your wedding day. Find someone journalistic that will capture those secret moments, those stolen kisses, single tears and belly laughs. I emphasize also to not find someone to trendy either (or gimmicky), trends in photography come and go like all fads.

Ophelia Photography
Uncle Bob.

Everyone has that family member who has a nice camera. You know,  the "Uncle Bob" or "Uncle Larry". The guy who offers to help out because he once took a picture of an amazing duck on the water and then photoshopped the heck out of it. You know who I am talking about. Don't hire him. Please. By all means, let him snap away in the background (out of the photographers way). Let him take some pictures and you know what, he might just end up with some great ones that you love...the more the merrier. But do not leave the future of your wedidng photos in his hands. Again...please!

No Uncle Bob!! No

A great photographer and a professional photographer wants your wedding to look amazing because that is their job. They ride soley on the quality of their pictures. So they will work like no other on that day to make sure they get pictures of everything, and you will be happy!

DQ Studios
I had a friend get married a few years ago, they had a small picnic type wedding, nothing over the top or fancy. So simple, stunning and them. It was by all means perfect. The dress was simple, the dinner a la carte, there were no tiny little details to run around about. The bride prioritized her budget and invested purely in a photographer and from that she got AMAZING pictures for a life time.

Please feel free to check them out here: Johanna & Austin

This is my rant. From a wedding planner to brides and future brides to be. Please. Just please!

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