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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bridal Blues

I will openly admit here in Internet land that I had Bridal Blues.

What is bridal blues?  There are so many definitions for it and they will all vary from bride to bride, woman to woman AND groom to groom....but when all is said and done you are sad.

My wedding day was perfect. A little hot, but perfect. I planned for nine months before the big day, and while I struggled with all the drama behind it, I did love the actual planning. It was so much fun to look at blogs, scout out ideas, resource items and dream about how my day would look. I put tons of energy and time into my wedding day and do not regret a moment of it. After all, you only get married once so you must enjoy that time.

But then....you have your big day. You wake up in the morning, run around, have a fantastic day and collapse in an exhausted heap as a wife or husband....then what? The first few weeks after my wedding, were so far, the best days of my life. The first four days after, I felt like I was on some kind of cloud, it was a like a jolt of lightening every time I got to call my man "Husband" or when he called me "wife"... I am not over exaggerating to say I felt like I was in a mist, everything was so hazy, so perfect, so soft, so awesome!! It was BLISS!

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Egerszegi Photography

But everything started to wind down. The gifts were all tucked away, the thank you cards all sent out, pictures all printed and framed and then....it was over.

I got bridal blues. To me bridal blues was not being sad about the day, the little things that went wrong, or that it was really really over...but more, the time. All of a sudden, something that consumed my days and conversations so much was over. No more phone calls to my mom about flowers, chats with my bridesmaids about dress' or colours...it was all gone. I became "blue" because I had a ton of time on my hands...a gap leftover from all my bridal planning!

Many brides avoid this by nesting by having a baby or buying a house, something to fill that void. But not all brides after they get married are keen (or able) to jump into commitments like that.

I am not the only girl to feel this way. Many brides have had this in the past, the symptoms are different and the cures are also very different! The Wedding Belles from Shaw TV just recently had a segment on Bridal Blues since Sarah who had recently gotten married, felt them as well.

It's normal peeps!! I just want you all to know that!!!

Here is The Wedding Belles segment about Bridal Blues...enjoy!

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