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Thursday, September 1, 2011

To theme or not to theme?

Weddings are expensive, one way or another...even if its the backyard wedding with a borrowed dress, you are still going to be spending money on your wedding, one way or another.

I am a stickler for a budget. It is one of the first questions when I  meet my brides..."What is your budget?" It seems rude and every time I ask it I feel awkward, after all...money is awkward.

When talking about budget though and talking about the wedding I find the theme you want for your wedding, the overall image and the way you want your wedding to feel will have an effect on your budget. and I am not just talking about colours here!

If your wedding is simple, a lot of do it yourself tasks and does not have all the rings and bells then obviously there is going to be wiggle room in your budget. If your wedding is something straight out of a magazine, dripping in diamonds...your budget is tight. Either way you have a budget but what are the parameters in your budget. THEME. Once you have a theme you can start working on the elements that make that image come to life and once you have the list you can start budgeting in areas.

I like to push, or more "encourage" my brides to come up with a storyboard or inspiration for their day. It helps me see the wedding in their mind and allows us to draw on the key elements that are important to bringing that board to life.

 Take the time to scour the net looking at places you love. If you end up in a barn you may have a rustic theme, if you end up a golf course maybe you want a black tie affair. I would also highly recommend googling your venue to find inspiration wedding photos from weddings that previously took place there. In your storyboard try to incorporate the elements that are costly but mean a lot to you, something you think will help with your over all look. Maybe its chair covers or chivari chairs? Chandeliers or candles? or it could be the small things like tons of books for a library themed wedding or feathers for a peacock themed wedding.

 This should be fun task and nothing you put into your board is concrete. Most brides start planning their wedding a year in advance, things change. A theme set in an inspiration board just helps guide you within your budget and helps your wedding planner see your vision.

 Happy Planning!

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