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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Farewell Cupcakes

Weddings are always dated by their trends, whether it be puffed sleeves, coloured shoes or the desserts.

I for one have never been a fan of the cake tradition in the first place,  but my husbands one and only request was cake. He wanted cake, he wanted to cut cake, he wanted to eat cake. And so it is.

Cakes have changed over the years though so whats the current trend?

Hello 1980's (loving those pillars!)

What up 1990's (stairs? yes please!)

2000 is just to cool for cakes (be nice...these are mine!)
So yes. I only got married 11 months ago and ALREADY my poor little cupcakes are "dated". I personally love them, you cut out the cost of the cake cutting fee at the wedding, its not very messy and well....they look pretty darn cute! We did the 6" cake so we actually had a cake to cut and the rest were just yum yummy cupcakes!

BUT, its a dieing trend already. I was watching The Cupcakes Girls last night and Virgin Radio in Vancouver, was interviewing them and they mentioned the dreaded word for any cupcake fan...pies.

Yes that's right, PIES PIES PIES. They are the new wedding "cake" trend! How do you feel about this? I'm a little torn, they do not look very romantic or as "weddingish" as i would like...but boy they sure are delicious!

Are you a trendy bride? What kind of cake are you having?

Hope this helps!

Happy Planning!


  1. Wedding pies!? Awesome. I love that.

    We did cupcakes too, but pie is a great idea. (Srsly - can you tell that I'm more a pie gal than a cake gal?)

  2. I had pillars on my cake...3 years ago.

    When my brother got married (8 years ago?), they had pumpkin pie instead of cake, and as favours they gave out pumpkin tarts! (They got married around Thanksgiving.)

  3. Christina, I would have died to go to your bothers wedding. Pumpkin (anything!!) is my favorite! :)