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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

STYLIZED SHOOT - Valentines Love Shoot

Have you ever just been in love?

Not proposing
Not engaged
Not having a wedding

Just in love?

I think that moment and feeling should be captured as well. We photograph everything else?

Awhile ago I was approached by Stefanie from Stefanie Cepeda Photography to work with Jessica from MUAHjwn to host a contest for a stylized shoot for a couple that was, well...in love! We let people submit three words that best described themselves and we chose the one that plucked at our heartstrings and tapped our funny bone the most.

The lucky couple was Christina & Peter. They also happened to be the most gorgeous, romantic, happiest and cutest couple EVER! (and might I add, so very much in love).

I stylized a shoot that incoprated their city style but fun and playfulness. Jessica did her magic with her make up skills and took and stunning woman and made her look AMAZING and Stefanie, an amazing up and coming photographer worked away making their story come to life.

This is the result:

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  1. I LOVE this, Bailey! The shoot is stunning, but it's the reason that I find striking. What a wonderful "event" to capture.