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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Budding love: Cherry Blossom Weddings

Although fall is my favorite season...spring is a very very close runner up. How can someone not get excited when the air starts to warm but still carries a cool freshness to it, when the sky becomes super blue while dotted with budding green branches and the air has a perfume to it of sweet sweet cherry blossoms.

I love spring. Love it.

I live in Vancouver and even though its a jungle of glass and steel I can still escape to areas and find tons of bunnies, squirrels and my all time favorite. Cherry Blossoms.

I love Cherry Blossoms.

When this time of season starts budding  I feel like wedding fever strikes. The mood of a dull dreary and wet winter in the lower mainland lifts and I see photographers out and about snapping shots of couples for engagements and wedding pictures and I just feel so giddy. Spring has sprung.

For anyone getting married in the spring, especially in Vancouver, one of my favorite things to incorporate into a wedding are cherry blossoms. My husband and I actually took our engagement pictures in March with all the cherry blossoms and then incorporated them into our wedding  in our centerpieces.

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Egerszegi Photography
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Egerszegi Photography
I am obviously not the only bride out there who has fallen in love with cherry blossoms, there are an array of ways to incorporate them into your wedding now and have a theme to your big day. The easiest way to start out planning a cherry blossom wedding would be start with the colour. Cherry blossoms bloom in an array of pinks, ivories and whites. We were already have purple and green in our wedding so pink may have been a little wild so we stuck with ivory. But pink is a great starting point for a cherry blossom themed wedding!

Savannah Red Top

Bridesmaid dress:
Martha Stewart Weddings
Bride Chic
and of course the ceremony and reception:
Preston Baileyhttp://www.prestonbailey.com/
 Like everything, moderation is key! Have fun with the theme though and find fun and unique ways to get it incorporated into your big day.

Happy Planning!

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  1. Wow! The colors are looking so pretty, I can’t take my eyes off these pictures. This post reminded me of my sister’s wedding which was in a beautiful venue NYC last year. We all wore pink just like these pretty ladies and it was the most fun and amazing wedding celebration of all time.