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Monday, January 9, 2012

video schmideo - wedding invites

I am going to honest here on this blog of mine.....I am not a fan of save the dates. I did not even do one for my own wedding!

I do not understand them, why does the bride and groom need to spend more money, more time, more stress and more energy on coming up with a cute, unique or gorgeous way to tell everyone, "Hey you are invited to our wedding on this day....I will tell you the information later though...."  (I realize i am only scratching the surface of things....sometimes if does make sense). In my case it never made sense to send out save the dates, we picked a date right away and had a venue and colours picked out a few weeks after our engagement, heck, we were only engaged for nine months before we walked down the aisle.

Also, I am a very budget conscious bride and as far as I am concerned if something needs to be cut to save costs when wedding planning....a save the date card, magnet, invite, or whatever....should be the first thing to go. So imagine my surprise and delight when the trend of sending email save the dates came into the picture. I was thrilled! There will definitely be some bumps in the road when doing this though, for instance, does your 98 year old great grandmother use email or YouTube? probably not. (I am most certain a family member will tell her the date anyways though!).

Check out this amazing save the date made with post its! The couple ended up sending it out as part of their wedding invitations, but I thought the idea was so sweet and fun. It took them 3 days and TONS of post its!

I must add that stop  motion, in save the dates and actual wedding videos are becoming huge as well. They are incredibly unique and I love them as well! Here is a wedding invitation video that is pretty fun!

I hope this inspires you! Happy planning!


  1. Wow Bailey! I never thought of Video invites! That vampire weekend one must have taken days to orchestrate! Turned out supercool! I'm not sold yet, I find if you do that with the normal invites in tandum its ok - I find the video invite maybe a little too impersonal? Maybe I'm too traditional... but it's definitely something to think of! I mean, I would love to get one of those!! Good find!

  2. It is deff. a personal prefernce. I personally havent found any save the dates that are very personal :) Im not a huge fan of them in the first place though unless you are doing a destination wedding a year down the road. They seem like an un necessary expense....