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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This past weekend I was part of an amazing wedding. It was between a Filipino bride and a Chinese Groom. I was especially excited about this wedding because I have never attended (nor worked) at a wedding with so much culture in it. I was excited to see the traditions that would take place.

This wedding was huge in that it covered both the Filipino side, such as performing the veil and rope tradition at the ceremony, but also the Chinese side. The couple respected his grandparents by performing the tea ceremony and even wearing the tradition attire.

What plucked at my heart strings (and shall i say tear ducts) the most, was the lion dancers.

They were  A M A Z I N G. I knew they would be great...how could they not be. But I sat there like some fool with my mouth open as they danced for the bride and groom. There were two large lions, one red, one white...their eyes flashed, their eyebrows wiggled (and my favorite part....) THEIR TAIL. The whole thing was spectacular, with drums banging as the lions weaved in and out of the crowd.

Photo from the Vancouver Chinese Lion Dance
I could tell the couple was shocked, a little leery of what to do. I could also see the parents and grandparents literally BEAMING with pride and joy though while they watched their children stand with the lions getting lettuce and shimmering streamers spilled upon them.

One of the photographers and I sheepishly admitted later that we almost cried seeing the lions dance. It was really that amazing! I told my husband if i had seen this pre our wedding those lions would have been at our wedding too! (I know, I know..it doesn't make sense!).

I did not have any traditions at my wedding, nothing cultural at least. I do not even think i did the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Did you have some traditions at your wedding? anything cultural?

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