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Thursday, June 30, 2011

To pom pom your wedding

Pom poms.  I remember them when I was little, they were entirely to much fun to play with and I loved all the colours, so imagine my surprise when I started planning my wedding and I noticed poms poms in so many wedding pictures.

 I loved them they seemed so whimsical, cute and brought some colour to a venue. I thought it was a great way to have "fun". I made two of them to see what they would look like and had planned on using them going down the aisle.

I was not impressed and was worried it looked a little to "DIY". My bridesmaids soon nixed the idea and I  moved on. Here is the look I was going for:

Gorgeous! My only concern, and as a wedding planner would like to advise to all my brides, is the consistency and placing of them. To little, to big to small or random, can come across as scattered, un kept and disorganized, please be sure to keep the consistency when making something like this.

Now every bride has their own personality and tissue poms poms are inexpensive, easy to make and look great, but to put your own twist on it and to break free from the trend, why not try making them with something different like:

Coffee Filter pom poms
Doily pom poms

T-shirt or fabric pom poms   

My favorite, by far though is tulle. TULLE. Its fairly inexpensive but you have to use much more material to make them. They turn out much more softer then the tissue paper, look much more expensive and classical and have a soft romantic look to them.

Either way, what ever you choose should reflect your personality, whether it be through the materials you use, the colours you use or how you hang them (be careful about low ceilings and rooms with now windows!).
Tutorial on tulle pom poms
Tutorial on tissue pom poms

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