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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trash the dress

I have not posted in awhile. My apologies. You could say life got in the way.

My husband and I are in the midst of planning our honeymoon. We are going to Europe for three weeks and will be in Greece for two of them. Greece is my heaven on earth.  I wanted to take my wedding dress with us, get my darling boy all dressed up and I wanted to do a trash the dress shoot on our one year anniversary/honeymoon in Greece. What a dream! BUT my dress weighs 10 pounds...yes 10! so it will be difficult and expensive to carry with me and to be honest, I don't know if i am ready to trash it. But the idea of it got me thinking, would you trash your wedding dress?

The definition of trash the dress is vague. Some women use it as a release, the burn, rip and physically ruin the dress while some use it as an opportunity to simply do the things they love, or that them and their husband loves, but did not want to ruin (aka get dirty) the dress on the wedding day.

I am of the latter. I think its a great time to go for a hike into the wilderness:

Horseback riding, or maybe you and your hubby like paint balling:

My all time favorites are water:

or maybe you like playing with fire? (I jest....this is definitely a more "trash the dress" take):

I have thought about this for days, weeks and maybe even months and have decided I will not be trashing my dress. I have opted instead to look for an amateur photographer in Santorini where we will take some "Honeymoon/Anniversary" pictures instead. I will wear a nice white sundress though :)

Are you doing a trash the dress?

Happy Planning!


  1. THIS IS AWESOME! I totally want to trash my dress after the wedding! (maybe on our honeymoon since we can just wear our fancies right into the ocean)

  2. I won't be trashing my dress either. I like the idea of the water pictures, but Jim and I aren't really water people, so it really wouldn't be us.

  3. Did you find a photographer in Santorini? We're looking for one to take 'renewal of vows' pictures. Please advise, thanks!

  4. I plan to do a "trash/rock the dress" when I get married. They are so much fun and I doubt I'll use the dress again anyways!

    I currently offer these sessions though, but as an option to the bride whether they want to trash it somehow or just rock it. Gives us the chance to personalize their session, which makes it even better!

  5. k m unfortunately we did not, and then we rant out of time...so we dont have any prof pictures in Santorini which is such a shame. I would suggest contacting the information booth in Oia though and asking for some suggestions...when we were there there was atleast three weddings going on and two fashion shoots...so there are photographers somewhere!