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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Colour trends for 2011- Part two

Lets just get right into it shall we?

So as you can see these are the more anchor colours to the first palette. I love it! I personally am more attracted to the darker, rich colours then the brighter ones. Using any of these colours as your main colour though will allow you to draw colours from the first palette as accent colours.

The colours you choose for your wedding are chosen for a basis of reasons, maybe its your favorite colour or your fiances or you have a pair of shoes to die for that you would like to match. In general though the main reason would be the time of the season. This palette would be more suited for a fall or winter wedding where the first would be more suitable for a spring and summer.

No one will ever sop you from using your favorite brown in a summer wedding though. So be sure to stay true to what is you.

Happy planning!

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