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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cake Centerpieces

I was assisting a bride the other day and she inquired about having a cake as her centerpiece at her wedding. At first I was hesitant to the idea, thinking of the mess it would leave as a centerpiece when all was said and done, or even the confusion that might ensue as guests were wondering when and if they could eat it. The more I thought of it though, the more I absolutely loved the idea.

Here is why:

1. Its different
2. You do your centerpiece and dessert in one shot which could be more budget wise
3. You could involve your guests in the wedding a little more. Place a serving set at each table and have the longest married couple cut the cake and serve it to their table
4. OR its a way of getting the bride and groom to each table as THEY come and cut the cake and then talk to their guests

Here are a few inspiration pics if you were to attempt something like this:

An idea that I came up with on my own, inspired by the picture below would be to place cupcakes for each guest under a goblet (wine or martini glass) and place a votive on top, this way you still have a centerpiece once the cake or cupcake is eaten. Plus its very romantic with that candlelight glow.

Happy Planning!

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